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The Forza Motorsport 4 July Car Pack DLC has been officially unveiled.
Coming July 3rd, 2012 for 560 Microsoft Points it will bring you 10 new cars to experience.

July Car Pack Content:
1973 AMC Gremlin X
2012 Ascari KZ1R
1998 Aston Martin V8 Vantage V600
1952 Hudson Hornet
1954 Jaguar XK120 SE
1956 Lotus Eleven
2011 McLaren #59 McLaren GT MP4-12C GT3
2012 Mercedes-Benz SLK 55 AMG
1995 RUF CTR 2
2012 Spyker C8 Aileron

In case you have not heard it yet, the 2013 SRT Viper GTS is available now for Forza Motorsport 4 in the Marketplace and that for free. Go and grab it!

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Hey y'all!

Sooooo you might have noticed a slight change to the forums when you just logged in. We're just doing our usual crazy shit and changing it up a bit. We've completely changed everything so please give us any feedback that you feel is necessary. Seriously, lay it on us. Especially Black; lay on him.

Love ya bunches,

Hey there guys!

Black and I have been making some major changes around here. A lot of them have been behind the scenes, but we've also made it nice and sexy for you! Please note that we have condensed/deleted many of the Categories/Parent Forums/Sub-Forums into an easier to navigate layout. As you know, you can access these categories by clicking on the Community tab at the top of the page. Don't worry! None of the threads have been deleted, they have simply been relocated. Use the search function if you're having trouble finding old threads.

We've moved around a lot of the General Driving Games and General Chat stuff along with the relocation of all of the Teams/Racing Series stuff. General Driving Games will now feature the newest and hottest of the racing world while the older titles will be located in *surprise surprise* the Older Games sub-forum.

General Chat has been renamed The Paddock! because I am awesome and it was my idea.

Please leave any comments or questions here. We look forward to hearing from you.

The ForzaCentral Staff.

P.S. Icicles
Well, it's been a long time in development, but Forzacentral X is here. It's the 10th iteration of Forzacentral and Black and I are quite proud of it. We've improved the search function, added multiple social networking features, and, obviously, completely overhauled the appearance. Be sure to check out the improved tabs on the top of the page and the slick new menu on the right.

Please feel free to post any feedback or suggestions. I can't say we'll actually listen, but hey, it's worth a try. ;)

Hope you enjoy,

The Forzacentral Staff
I bought an Xbox 360 Pro console in June 2007, it's soldiered on for 2 years. But alas today I got the 3 red rings of death. So I called 800-4MY-XBOX so I could arrange to have it fixed under the extended 3 year warranty. I was pretty excited because I've been having problems with the system for a year now the disc tray would stick, and it would require me tapping the "plastic chrome" of the disc tray to pop it out and it would litterly take 5-10 minutes to change games.

So when I call I'm speaking to "Kaizer T" and he informs me that the console was registered in 2006 and no longer under warranty, and there was nothing he could do. So I demanded to speak to a supervisor "Mike B"... This guy was a total idiot and contradicted himself. He basically informed me that because the unit was a refurbished unit it only has a 1 year manufacturer warranty ,and the extended 3 year one did not apply. I tried to argue my point that MS was ripping people off with this practice as a refurbished unit would most likely have been repaired at some point and was more likely to fail. He stood firm and mumbled something about terms and conditions. And if I wanted it repaired I'd have to pay $140 ****ing dollars". I told him I wanted to speak to his boss, at first he said "he was as high as I could go" I DEMANDED to speak to someone who could actually do something to help. He VERY reluctantly said I would get a call back in 24-48hrs from a manager.

Seriously though I didn't save that much money on the console I bought, it was a serious investment. When I bought the console at Millennium 3000 I asked if the manufacturer warranty was good. And they informed me I'd have a 1year manufacturer warranty from the store, and it was like "buying" a brand new console and the manufacturer warranty was good. I'm just very pissed off right now, their customer service is a joke, as are their terms and conditions regarding refurbished consoles is beyond obscene. If I knew their policy...
You've probably logged on and noticed a "few" changes, well we've upgraded the forum... umm... YAY... But silly, silly me I didn't realize that my custom sexy skin wouldn't work with the new vBulletin. I'm very unfamiliar with the new skinning system and it's bloody 6:00am in the morning, so I probably won't try and update the skin today. I had a few technical difficulties getting this online due to incompatible mods/plug-ins; so they've been disabled. But other than that bask in the glow of the future... Forzacentral is no longer prehistoric!
Hope you guys are enjoying the new layout. It's not entirely finished, so expect minor changes to the overall layout. If you have any problems or suggestions, just let me know.

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