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Sorry about the slight hiccup there guys, I just finished my lunch and the gas had to go somewhere *psst* ...oh wait you mean the server hiccup? oh right oops ! Alriiiiiiiiiiighty then, we were upgrading the Gallery software and it's taken the fantastic decision to rename all it's database tables differently but kind of forgot that some pages reference the old table names.

So sorry about that, we got it sorted, we hope you never got too stressed out or did anything crazy while we were away, but if you did, remember we are not liable in any way shape or form for the damage or inconvenience you caused to yourself, others or the family goldfish (unless it's beneficial to us and our pockets hehe j/p really we are).

Anyway carry on good people !

Man being a techie is a right royal pain in the ... grass needs cut, bye ! :bwave:
Sorry about the delay guys, I hadn't a clue that we needed to switch the forum and data to a different server until BlackMagix appeared and told me he had disabled the board, so I was left in the dark as well as yous.

Anyyyyyyyyyyywaaaaay as usual he's roped me in to break every ...I mean sort everything and thus it has been done, it only took so long cause he he got in contact with me about umm 1hr 40mins ago so sorry about that, not that you really care anyway j/p.

Alright back to normal I see, we have lost only 2 posts and I had one so that was an easy fix the other one wasn't found so we left it in mysql heaven. Alright back to work and please note there may be another slight hiccup as the domain (DNS) propogates around the world, but expect it to be slight and painless for all of you and pure hell for us but hey we love it (__ not really !) and it keeps our blood pumping.

So all I got to say is, the fridge is cold and the beer is warm, what's up with that ?!

Later !! Yeah yeah !!

btw: Our notorious dictator ... I mean head honcho was too busy watching heroes to even post this, something small and informative I said, I'm not paid enough for this... in fact I'm not paid at all. Damn !!!111! 8)
We have added new chat functionality to the site. This is by no means a permanent addition, but if enough people enjoy and use this feature then it may remain.

Link has been added to the navigation bar at the top titled “Chat”

Please leave feedback on this feature. Thanks!
It's all for fun, those of you who don't venture out much past the Forza threads please take a look and vote, it's just for a laugh, no real prizes or anything.


And with FM2 having a similar and more than likely better PhotoMode, this can be looked at as a testbed for future FM2 PM Comps.

There is just under 90mins of voting left for this week! :banana: